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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

RAIN Playlist - Sophie


As usual, Sarah and myself have created some more awesome mixtapes to go along with the theme of the zine, so this time they are both based (loosely, you might argue) around good old England! 

Sophie's RAIN Mixtape
 Rain. Bastard rain. The one thing we can pretty much ALL associate with living in England. We've been terribly lucky of late but yeah, it SUCKS. It's the second worst element after wind (I fucking hate wind). It makes you cold, it hammers against your window when you're trying to sleep, it makes your mascara run down your face in the least sexy manner, it makes the floors slippy so you constantly have to worry about falling over in the street and it makes everyone smell like a big fat wet ugly dog.
But...have you tried embracing it once in a while? or revelling in its supposed liberating effect? Have you ever just thought...’Fuck it. I’m going in’? HAVE YOU EVER looked out of your window at those big wet buds of pure hatred for humankind bestowed upon us by the heavens and flung that door open with determined passion...bravely stepped out into the relentless onslaught...arms spread wide...chin raised high...ready to take everything that the shitty world is about to throw at you...right in the face...like a man?!!!!!  

No me neither, but you know what is reeeeally unattractive? Complaining. So get stuck in and see what happens, you might love it. 

Have a listen here 

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